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    Pornography Scanner

    Scan your computer for unwanted pornographic images and videos. Illicit images and videos
    can infect a computer for years. Scan deleted images, internet history, and even porn hidden in zip files.
    Porn Detection Stick
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    Photo & File Data Recovery

    Easily recover pictures, documents, & MP3s from computers,
    camera memory sticks, USB drives, and more.
    Data Recovery Stick
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    Chat Stick

    See Who They're Chatting With

    Quickly and easily analyze chat logs from Skype, Yahoo! Messenger,
    ICQ, Windows Messenger, Miranda, & Hello chat clients.

Porn Detection

Find out if your computer has been infected with pornography and get rid of it! Not only can you scan for porn, you can permanently delete it.

Data Recovery

Computer, camera, USB storage, and memory stick data recovery of photos/images, documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office, PDF, RTF, HTML, and more), and MP3s.


Perform a quick investigation by backing up all computer photos, photos from Androids, photos from iPhones, and photos from apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, & more.