• PBN-V8000


8 GB USB Voice Recorder

Paraben's PBN-V8000 should be on everyone's key chain. Covertly record conversations with the flick of a switch. The 8 GB capacity USB thumb drive recorder can store up to 150 hours of recordings and it can record up to 15 hours on one single charge. Simply plug it into your computer or a USB wall charger to charge it. The USB flash drive storage allows you to easily listen to your recordings right from your computer or you can back up your recordings for permanent storage on your computer or backup drives.

The PBN-V8000 even lets you sync up the time stamps on the recordings to match your computer's time. Easy-to-follow instructions and Paraben Consumer Software's unmatched phone and email support mean that you can be confident you will get the most out of your covert spy voice recorder.


          Size: 70 mm x 21 mm x 9.4 mm
          Weight: 13g
          Power Supply: 3.7v 110mAh (15 of recording time)
          Recording Bit Rate: 128K bps
          Flash Memory: 8 GB (FAT32 format)


        • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
        • USB Port
        • Media player to play *.WAV sound files

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