Photo Backup Tool

When it comes to your personal photos, don't rely on having them in only one location. PicTrace is the easiest way to back up your photos from your Windows computer. Simply plug it in and hit the backup button. PicTrace will grab all your photos from your pictures folder and back them up in one easy step. There's no need to pay for an expensive and complicated cloud service. With PicTrace, each time you back up your photos, it will only back up new photos. If you store your photos in other folders on your computer, you can tell PicTrace to back up from any folder or hard drive.


    Quick backup grabs photos from default Windows locations
        • Advanced settings allow you to choose which drives & folders to scan for photos
        • 32 GB of backup storage space can store thousands of photos
        • No duplicates! Detects already backed up photos and skips them


    • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
    • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
    • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

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