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Before You Buy
The Photo Backup Stick does not plug directly into phones. To back up photos from phones, plug your phone into a Windows computer and then plug the stick in and run the backup app. Click the "Start Backup" button and then select where you want to back up from. You can back up from phones and the computer at the same time.

Many people do not want to download and install an app on their device. That's why the Photo Backup Stick uses a Windows PC to back up from phones. If you want a version that plugs directly into your phone, check back with us. We are working on versions that connect directly to your phone.
No, the Photo Backup Stick requires a Windows computer and does not work on a Mac.
The number of photos it can back up really depends on the size of the photos. Here's a chart that estimates the number of pictures you can back up bassed on different sizes:

Photo Backup Stick Estimated Picture Storage
Note: Operating systems use some space on USB drives for recycle bins, file names, and other information. This results in your computer showing USB drives as having slightly small capacity than the total number of bytes available on the drive. Please take this into account when estimating photo storage.
The Photo Backup Stick will back up all photos on your computer or phone. When you perform a new backup on the same device, it will not create duplicates of photos it has already backed up. So, it will not back up the same photos twice, however, if you already have duplicate photos on your device, it will back up all photos, even if they are duplicates.
Yes, the Photo Backup Stick can back up videos. You must select the option to back up videos.
Using the Photo Backup Stick
This is likely because you have iCloud Photos enabled with the Optimize iPhone Storage checked. If this setting is checked, all your photos are stored on iCloud and only low-resolution versions are on your phone. These low-resolution versions cannot be accessed and downloaded so you must change the setting to Download and Keep Originals. After you change this setting, it may take hours or even days for your phone to download all your photos from iCloud depending on how many photos you have. To change your settings, follow the instructions below:

On you iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Your Name.
  3. Tap Photos.
  4. Tap Download and Keep Originals.
Your photos will start downloading to your device but it may take hours or even days to complete depending on your connection and number of photos.

The current version of the Photo Backup Stick is 2.1. If you are running an earlier version, you can update your stick from the Photo Backup Stick Updater page.
If the backup app has been deleted from your Photo Backup Stick, try updating the stick from the Photo Backup Stick Updater page. If that does not work, contact us at to arrange for a replacement.
First, make sure you are using the latest version of the Photo Backup Stick by updating your stick from the Photo Backup Stick Updater page. Second, make sure you have unlocked your phone's screen and tapped the option to trust this computer. You may need to click the "Refresh" button after this. Another thing you can try is using different cable and USB port.